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Puppy Supplies List:

Here is a list of the things you will need to have on hand to start your puppy's new life in your family home. Many of these you can comparison shop for in Walmart vs. Petsmart. You can save a ton of money in Walmart for the exact same thing at one-third the cost.

1-Crate to sleep in, every dog needs a safe place to sleep or nap. Our pups leave here 85% crate and potty trained.  Get a wire crate so they can see everything and you can easily move it room-t0-room.

2-Airline carry kennel for trips to the vet or around town.

3-Baby gate(s) to contain your puppy to areas that are allowed. Evenflo at Walmart is $33. *Exact same gate in Petsmart is 89 + tax. Pays to comparison shop. I like dog.com for most of this.

4-Exercise pen for providing an area to play safely outside the crate or kennel to learn housebreaking habits. Plastic they will chew out of eventually. Wire or heavier metal is better. 24" is too short, they'll climb out at 10 wks. We use 32 or 34" tall exercise pens.

5-Soft towels or baby blankets as they are the right size to start. Start with things you don't mind getting chewed up and are easy to replace.

6-Newspapers or puppy housebreaking pads if you so choose. Potty Park or Pet Loo is a great tool also.

7-Bowls for food and water, heavy pottery so they don't tip over. Stainless steel bowls tip easily but are easy to clean with clorox.

8-Puppy No-tears shampoo, or Dial anti-bacterial liquid hand soap to start. White dogs will need Pearl or Super White to keep white. **Don not by Johnson & Johnson baby shampoo - has formaldehyde in it. Yes, what they embalm with and use in dry cleaning compounds. Nasty stuff.

If they really get grimy or into compost Mane-n-Tail makes a good anti-fungal, anti-rain rot that will clean anything. Dilute for puppies.

9-Nail clippers if you are experienced. I will show you how to do this when you come here. Dog's vein system ends at the toenails. What you see on the top of the nail is DIFFERENT than where the quick is on the bottom of the nail. Just take the curved tips. If you cut them too short it is possible they can bleed to death if not stopped. Have styptic powder or pencils on hand or have a vet teach you how to clip puppy nails properly before doing it yourself. Black toenails are especially hard to judge where the quick is. Clear nails you can see where it ends underneath the bottom of the nail. Be careful.

10-Tennis balls can get eaten, squeaky balls, any large strong balls to chase. We use kongs and racquetballs, they're tough.

11-Greenies to help clean their teeth. Dog tooth rinse for their bowl, or you can brush their teeth. Only use dog toothpaste as human toothpaste is toxic to us never mind to the smaller body of a puppy. Just like we know all the sugars and processed foods are giving us all the cancers, same with dogs. NEVER feed chicken jerky, from China in all jerky. Never feed Purina Beneful, its been causing liver & kidney failure for several years.

12-Harness instead of a collar for all ages. Their bones are not fully developed until after 10 months of age. If they pull or tug too hard and jerk their neck with a collar on, it can do harm or even break their necks. It also puts pressure on their eyeballs and can cause retina damage to their eyes as well as their esphogus. Save the collar for just the ID tag until they're a little older.

13-I.D. Tags are a must as are getting the pup microchipped. Most will be chipped before leaving us.

14-Leashes, a 4-6 ft. to start training and a 8 - 10 ft. longer one later. Retractable or regular is a choice up to you and what you are used to using. Though retractables have been known to break. Beware.

15-Spray bottle with a mixture of 3 parts water and 1 part vinegar to spray on accidents on the carpets. This takes the smell away so they won't consider it their marked area and return to leave deposits.

16-Arm n'Hammer Vacuum Free foam carpet spray deodorizer. This stuff really works well. Spray it, walk away and forget it.

17-List of books on JRT recommended books page. 

18-A Potty Park or Pet Loo housetraining aid for pups, city or apt. dwellers, less mobile pet parents, see below.

19-Dog towels separate from house towels so you don't get them mixed up. 

20-Dog bed once your pup has learned what is allowed to chew and what is not allowed. (If they chew up the new dog bed anyway, don't bother buying another one. Just use towels and blankets that are easy to wash.)  Facts: do not buy an expensive bed until they're almost 11-12 months old.

Here is a starting point for you in finding Irish baby names and multiple names.

www.babynamesofIreland.com and


www.puppyshop.com/names/names.htm by country or double or triple names.

 This is a great book for finding a suitable name for your new puppy. It gives the meanings, the pronunciation and explains the Celtic tradition or associated myths or stories that are linked to the names. It gives cross references and the most common variant spellings of all the 2000 names from Ireland, Scotland, Brittany, Cornwall, Wales and the Isle of Man.

Poisonous to dogs and puppies:

Chocolate of any kind, onions, garlic, raisins, grapes, alcohol, beer, avocadoes. These all contain toxins that are deadly to dogs and will make a dog extremely sick or can kill a puppy quickly. Also do not give a dog or puppy Tylenol or any ibuprofen. They make a special dog aspirin for dogs. Human aspirin is not meant for animals and can make them even sicker than they were before. Call the vet with any questions at all, ask their advice, that's what they're there for. They won't mind you calling with questions, it is always better to be safe than sorry.
If you must medicate use only baby aspirin at 81 mg. a small dose or for a small dog, break it in half. Never use full aspirin.



For a list of poisonous plants, trees and shrubs go to




And I am also working on an extended list of all house poisonous plants, flowers and shrubs. There are so many house plants that you'd never think of as dangerous, just as there are so many azalea's, holly and rhododendron bushes that are highly poisonous that people are not aware of that can kill your dog or puppy literally within hours or just overnight.  It is a terrible experience that I hope by posting this list of poisonous plants, will save another family from the heartache of having to live through such a thing. Please see the Poisonous plants, trees, flowers and shrubs page at the Favorite Links page.


This page is constantly under construction.




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