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Fitzpatrick's  Rocky, Foundation Stock, 11.5" tall, smooth coat.  Ten generations of quality, proven dispositions and great temperaments. Grandsire imported from Ireland.  This is one of the 11 specific and different Irish bloodlines that trace back to 1850's. Rocky consistently passes on great bone structure, strong heads, stocky wide-bodied style, great ears, and tricolor symmetrical, face masks.  You can tell its a 'Rocky baby' at birth!

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Rocky is our resident puppy trainer.  He lets them hang onto his tail, his ears and even his tongue when the puppies play with him. It is a sight to see with the little ones hanging from him and he walks along dragging them all over. He loves them and tolerates all their little sharp teeth as they learn about being a dog. He is the best babysitter.

This is Little Ernie, who stole my heart...and my pajamas, and the covers, etc., etc. Retired to a farm.

 Our Hollybrook's Katie, who was imported from Ireland as a puppy. She is from the famous family who took all the winning spots at the Irish Kennel Club St. Patrick's Day National Show in Dublin in 2004.

She is retired now and living on Cape Cod.

Daisy says, "Do I have to get up now, its Saturday."

Daisy is Sean's dog and she's long retired now. She is 15 and almost 16 yrs old.

Mary Jane is doing well in retirement also and she is also right up there at almost 18.


Our JRT Clan | Health screenings | Raggs' Kids | Rocky's Kids | Ernie's Kids