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Story and Quotes:


The ancient Celtic tale of the dog Gelert is one that bears repeating here.

     A knight's hunting hound, Gelert, was prized for his skill as a ruthless killer of wolves, yet also a faithful and kind companion to the knight and his family. The story tells of a wolf who has crept into the child's room, and the fierce battle between the loyal hound and the wolf. In their struggle, the baby's cradle is overturned, the child unhurt but hidden under the bedding. Wolf and dog lock in mortal combat, and blood flows freely. At last, in a dim corner of the room, the hound manages to kill the wolf. 

     Hearing the sounds of a struggle, guards and the child?' nurse rush in to find Gelert standing alone in the middle of the room, covered in blood. Surveying the scene, not noticing the dead wolf?' body hidden in the shadows, not looking beneath the bedclothes of the toppled cradle, all present leap to the conclusion that Gelert has killed and eaten the child. Stunned and furious, the grieving knight orders that the dog be killed on the spot.  It is only after the dog is dead that the child is discovered alive and well.  The wolf's body bears grim testament to the loyalty of the dog and to the fears and faithlessness of men.

                                Notable Quotes:

There is nothing more frightful than ignorance in action.  Goethe


 A dog will always tell you the truth. He will report in his body language and behavior how he is feeling at that moment. S. Clothier


The greatest problem in communication is the illusion that it has been accomplished. Daniel W. Davenport


"Lots of people talk to animals", said Pooh. "Maybe, but not very many listen,though and that is the problem." he added.      Benjamin Huff, The Tao of POOH.



Though behaviorists and cognitive scientists might insist otherwise, what we see in our dog?s eyes is more than just animal instinct or the trained behaviors of dumb beasts. Looking back at me, we see intelligence, humor, joy, disappointment, fear, anger, lust, anticipation, relief, curiosity, delight, boredom, sorrow, amazement, resignation, sympathy, -- and undeniably ? love.  If we honor the dog as a dog, we do not see another human being trapped in a fur coat, doomed to wander through life on all fours at the end of a leash. We see another sentient being who, though science may remind us there?s no proof, has feelings and experiences that often mirror our own, but are uniquely canine.   Our dogs look at us, and we cannot shake the feeling that they are telling us something ? in fact they are telling us something that we can understand.

(From Suzanne?s Clothier?s book, "Bones Would Rain from the Sky,"  pg. 83.)


 Folks will know what kind of man you are, by the way you treat your dog.  Doran.

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