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Famous Jacks 
Jack Russell Terriers you have seen on TV 
         or in the movies.

Wishbone, star of the PBS children's television series. He's the most popular.

on Frasier, a TV sitcom. He is probably the most well known JRT. He also starred in the Rolled Gold Pretzel commercial when he parachuted into Super Bowl '96, with the Seinfeld star, Jason Alexander. And he was the dog that hid the tickets for Super Bowl '97, and he was also in the Kentucky Fried Chicken commercial.

The JR in My Dog Skip, was actually two dogs, one as a young puppy and another dog later as an adult JRT.

The dog in the Boar's Head meat TV commercial, where a JR watched the delivery of the meats to the walk-in refrigerator. He then jumped up trying to reach the hanging rolls of meat, realized he couldn't reach them, so he pushed a few boxes next to the taller boxes to make steps, ran up to the top and leaped off to grab onto one of the hanging meats. The deliveryman comes back later; the JR is still holding on and doesn't let go. We're waiting for a sequel to this commercial.

Milo, in The Mask with Jim Carey, Jim's first movie.

In Crimson Tide, Gene Hackman was the captain of a submarine, his dog was a JRT.

The old RCA logo phonograph commercial dogs, Nipper and Chipper

Haggis was the cute little dog in the Nissan car commercials.

Pixie, who tore up the photo in the Kodak ad.

The little "Jacuzzi" dog who won the first $100,000 Jack Pot on America's Funniest Home Videos.

There is a pizza commercial where a JRT and a shaggy dog lick sauce off a giggling child's face. There is a Domino's pizza deliveryman who walks around with a JRT still on his pant leg.

Barclay starred in the movie Clean Slate with Dana Carvey, and again in Ernest goes to Jail. He's also been in the Round-Up weed-killer commercial, and is the dog attacking the laundry in the Tide commercial.

In the Starbuck's Frappacino drink commercial there is a JRT holding on to the pant leg of the girl walking with everything sticking to her clothes - phones, papers, laptop computer, etc.

The JRT in the Sara Lee Deli meat commercial where the sandwich makes itself, adds the mustard and ketchup, husband says 'Thanks, honey.' And the dog looks at her with a confused funny face.

There is the Jennifer Convertible Sofa company ad with JRT tearing up an old orange sofa, so you'd need a new sofa after that.

There are several others, but I think these are the most famous Jack Russell Terriers. My personal favorite is the Boar's Head hanging meat commercial. Jacks will hold on tenaciously

They are canine comedians!

 Prince Charles has several Irish Russell Terriers. One of his females is related to our Rocky's family through his great aunt.


Jack Facts: FAQ | Legends & Quotes | Famous Jacks | JRT book list | How many dogs??? | Dog logic quotes