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 These are the starting points for our conversation and these are the questions we will ask. You can email the answers to:

1) How many people in your family? Do you have any children?

2) Do you have a fenced in backyard, and how do you plan to keep the dog safe and exercise it? Do you live in the country or city? Please describe your home environment.

3) Have you ever owned a dog before? Do you own any dogs now or have in the past? If so, how many and what breed? Please tell us about them.

4) Would you be willing to attend training or obedience classes with your puppy? JRT's can easily become the master in the household if you are not consistent with them in their training. Can you create routines and rules that they are comfortable with so they learn that you are their pack leader and will look to you for guidance. Can you be consistent and do this?

5) Do you own any other pets now? If so, what type?

6) Are you interested in outdoor activities? What kind? And do you understand that the Jack Russell requires a fair amount of daily exercise? What are your plans for exercise or playing with your new puppy?

7) Are you looking for a male or female puppy? Do you have a preference?

8) What is your reason or interest level in acquiring a Jack Russell Terrier?

9) Please tell us how you found us? A referral from a friend, a print ad, or on the web? Which web site address did you find us on?

10) Please ask your questions or provide comments here.

Please provide us your name and address and please include your home, cell or work phone and let us know the best way you would like us to contact you, and what times are convenient.



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Thank you for taking the time to complete our questionnaire. It will help us to get to know you better, and that way we can do the best possible job in picking out a puppy that will best suit your needs. This will also help you give some thought on how you will care for your puppy.

If you have any questions at all please feel free to call us.You may email us your answers to the inquiry questions or call at (803)-648-3137

We take great care in talking to and screening our prospective families, as we want the puppies to go to the best homes possible. We want to make sure it is a good match for you, your familiy, and for the puppy. We spend a great deal of time raising and creating a loving, well-behaved puppy, so we love each and every one. We want to make sure they go to great homes as they are our babies!

1)    ***Please may I ask for your patience in responding to your phone calls and emails. I try to answer emails the same day or the next day and I have tried to do that with phone calls as well.  I need to let you know that we have been inundated with inquiries and many questionnaires being sent every week. So I beg your forgiveness in my delay.

2)   I go through the questions and I do read absolutely everything. The delay in my getting back to you is that we have a lot going on in our lives right now and its taking me longer than I would like to respond to your inquiries. I am saying thank you to you all for being so patient, and I do say please be persistent. If you are very serious now, please call me again or email me again. Perseverance is a virtue.


Please read the following and please acknowledge you have read and agreed to all of the following, as these will apply once you actually place deposit.


1. We have a reservation system based on what we feel is fair to all involved:  Once your deposit arrives, you will be placed "next in line".  If you later change your mind and request to move to another litter, we will transfer your deposit to a future litter or another pup if available. 


2.  If you are placing a deposit for a specific sex or coat, please understand that if you later change your mind, you may be placed lower or higher up, on the list depending on that particular list and deposits taken for the other sex or coat you are now requesting.  Sometimes people change their minds and we have no concern with this - we just had to come up with a fair way to work within the reservation lists.


3.  Deposit amount is $300.00 and required for each reservation placed to hold a spot for a puppy for you. If your circumstances change, the reservation deposit is fully transferable to one of our future litters, if you find another litter better suits you.  What a deposit means to us:  We see it as a promise or good faith commitment on the new owner's part that they have done their homework and feel we are without question, the right breeder for them.  By this time in the process, we have usually invested a fair amount of time and energy into answering concerns and questions regarding owning one of our Trinity Farm Jack Russell Terriers.  Once you place your deposit, we stop offering that reservation to other interested parties and in fact, turn several prospective families away because of this agreement and partial down payment made by you. This is how sure you need to be that you are comfortable with us. This is why deposits are usually non-refundable and transferable to a future litter.


4.  We will send an email receipt note, or a phone call, when your deposit has been received, we will confirm your place in line and send you the secret page address we reserve for our families with confirmed reservations. This page will have the photos of the new babies, and of the puppies available. Pups are always offered first to the people on the reservation list, only then are their photos posted on the Puppies page of the main website.


We encourage you to place your deposit via credit card as we are unable to hold your place in line until deposit has been received.  You can also choose to send a check by way of the USPS.


5. We will phone or e-mail when pups are born, usually after the 72 hour critical time past birthing, but selecting your pup will not take place this early.  When pups are ready, we will do temperament testing and discuss indepth the results with you.  We work closely with each family to see that a pup is matched to you and your lifestyle. This will usually take place at 6.5 - 7 weeks of age. (* If this is a problem for you to wait until pups are older, then we may not be the right breeder for your family.)  We take our time in placing our pups because we want to ensure that the match is right for your family and for the puppy as well. The pup is a baby and we must protect them and we want what is the absolute best for them.  We have your best interests at heart also, and will ask you to wait for the pups to mature so we can tell what personalities are like. We want to ensure the best possible home, a perfect forever home, as much as we possibly can.  We wait to see who the alpha is, if no alpha - then who the leader is in the litter. Sometimes they will all be very close in temperament and the followers are apparent, but it takes temperament testing, as well as daily intent observations in our kitchen/great room area to ensure our descriptions are definitely on target for a perfect match. We try to match the personality of the puppy to the personality of the family. This is extremely important. Some pups are more active than others. One of the questions we will ask you is: On a scale of 1 to 10, with 1 being a couch potato and 10 being a tri-athlete, where would your family fall on that scale?  Picking out your puppy based solely on color, coat or markings as soon as it is born is not the best approach. You really have no idea at that time what their individual temperaments are like, they need to develop first. 


6. Consideration is given to those placing earlier reservations.  For example; if we have 3 pups with the same disposition and 3 families seeking this kind of pup, they will be allowed to pick one of the three in the order the reservation was received and confirmed.  We feel confident that by waiting until the pups are a little older, we can better inform you on the pups' specific temperaments. It is just not possible to do this with a 5 day old or even a 5 week old pup. Our goal is to see that puppies and families are appropriately matched.


7.  We place our puppies as pets with families for companions only.  We do not allow breeding rights on our puppies; therefore we do limit pedigree information.  If a pedigree is requested, it is understood upfront that information will be restricted/limited to a three generation pedigree and only after we receive proof of spay/neuter from your veterinarian will we release the permanent letter of transfer of ownership to you and the pedigree history. You are granted custody only until we receive proof of spay/neuter of your puppy. Research now shows that by spaying/neutering your puppy it will extend their life span by 25%. It is much healthier for them. Dogs have the genetic potential to live 25-30 years, depending on what you feed them.


8. Here at Trinity Farms we raise our Jack Russell Terriers from carefully chosen old lines from the old country, Ireland. This line can be traced back to the late 19th century in Ireland, are known for their health and dispositions, as well as their calm, sensible, manageable temperaments.  These lines of Jack Russell Terriers only remain in a few very specific areas of Ireland.


9. If at any point in the pup/dog's life you find you are no longer able to keep him/her for any reason, you are agreeing to send this puppy/dog back to us here at Trinity Farms. 


10.  Puppies and caring properly for them can be expensive.  Trinity Farm puppies are between $ 950-1500. ...Most run between 950 -1200. Feeding an all natural, all organic, chemical free food like Life's Abundance will prolong your puppy's life and help keep him or her healthy. (You agree also to do this to keep optimum health for the pup. If you chose another all natural food please choose it from our list of approved foods on the Dog Food page.) Our pups come with a temperament guarantee as well as a lifetime health guarantee.  Read more details about our commitment to you and what the written guarantee and the three contracts are on the secret page for families, once we have received your reservation and sent you the address.


Please print this agreement out and mail it along with your check, or if sending a reservation by paypal or credit card, please copy this section and paste it into an email when you let us know you are going to place a reservation.


Reserving a Puppy | Costs & Shipping | Reservation form | Questionnaire | spay contract