We also breed the rare Norfolk Terrier, a small terrier from English origins. They are rare and there are only about 300 Norfolk puppies born each year in this country.  We have partnered with a good friend and breeder who shares our philosophy on hand-raising puppies. We have found her bloodlines to be superb examples of the Norfolk Terrier and establishing a new bloodline. It is a blend of Slovakian, Hungarian, Portugese, Swedish, Norwegian and most European world renowned bloodlines. The parents of the pups are champion-sired and have multiple champions in the pedigree lines. Because they are a rare breed we have come to protect and preserve these little terriers as well.

4/1/2018 update:  We have four red males and one black & tan male available for adoption. They are 17 and 18 wks old and one pup is 6 months old. Please visit our Trinity Norfolk Terrier page to learn about these wonderful small terriers.  Please call to chat and talk terrier!! Thank you,  Donna



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